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by Alex Krokus

The loudest and smartest collection of comics about a raccoon and his friends. There’s also comics about ice cream, comics about punks, comics about horrible couples, comics about Iceland, and a brand-new multi-page comic, “the Poopman.”

Alex Krokus is a cartoonist and animator living in Brooklyn, NY.

144 pages, 7” x 7”, paperback


Praise for Loud and Smart:

"I feel like I cracked a millennial's skull open and am looking at his brains. But in a good way" - Ben Passmore, DAYGLOAYHOLE, Your Black Friend

"Krokus digs deep into the humor of discomfort and depression to create a series of gag strips where we laugh not because we also know the timely cultural reference but because we are well versed in the anxiousness of living in an era of uncertainty and cynicism" - Robin Enrico, Broken Frontier


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